Monday, 14 April 2014

Welcome to our Parent Council Blog!

Over the past few months, IRC’s Parent Council has been discussing how we can better communicate with our community.  One of the major challenges is getting information to families in a timely manner.  By the time our Wednesday mail-outs go home, the information contained in them is old news! Thanks to the interest and determination of an IRC Kindergarten parent, Marta Hooper, our communication is about to enter the 21st century!

Marta has created the IRC blog, where you will now be able to receive IRC news as it happens!
Blog subscribers can be assured that when new messages are posted, they will receive an e-mail.
(Don’t worry! You’ll only receive a maximum of one email per day.) So please don't forget to subscribe to our blog by submitting your email address on the right of the screen, directly below the "About our school" section  >>>>

I look forward to sharing IRC information on the blog on a regular basis.
Please follow us on the blog - we look forward to keeping you connected and up-to- date!

Anne MacDonald