Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Message From Lesley Aitken, PFLC

Some of you may know that the IRC Parent and Family Literacy Centre (PFLC) is moving to room 108 next year. Well we are in need of a little assistance. We are developing an exciting outdoor play space at the school for next year and need some heavy lifting done. There is a giant tree slice that needs to be moved into the space from the Ossington/Dundas area. We are in need of a pickup truck and some muscle to move the wood. I think the truck will need to have a ramp. If anyone is able and interested, please let Parent Worker, Lesley Aitken know or leave a message in the office before the end of school.

** We are also searching for a large wooden spool like the ones used by Toronto Hydro. Please let me know if you have any contacts I might be able to ask.**
Thank you!
Lesley Aitken
Parent Worker